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Becker MAP PILOT Software Version 3.0.18

Becker MAP PILOT Software
Most recent Software version for device types M077 and M078 only.



In order to download this product, please connect your Becker MAP PILOT to the computer.

Download times

Download times by bandwidth

The individual download time depends on the bandwidth available to you.

Guide speeds:

2 MBits/s - 20 minutes
10 MBits/s - 4 minutes
30 MBits/s - >1 minute

Download requirements

The following requirements must be met for a successful download:

  • At least 1.5 GB of free space on your PC
  • Only for device types M077 or M078
  • Internet connection with a bandwidth >2 Mbit/s (recommended)
  • Becker Content Manager
  • BECKER MAP PILOT connected to PC via USB 2.0
  • Map Update 2015/2016 V5.0 (Q3/2014) (recommended)

Included in this delivery

Contents of delivery:

-    Becker MAP PILOT Software Update 3.0.18
-    User Guide 3.0

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